Help a Collie Come Home – Volunteer With Us!

Collie Rescue League of New England is comprised entirely of volunteer members who show their love for collies in a variety of ways. Our volunteer members provide transportation, event coverage, foster care, and home visit services to support all of the rescued collies. We welcome new volunteers and you don’t have to own a collie to join!

Foster care volunteers bring surrendered collies into their homes where the collies are cared for, undergo behavioral evaluation, and are trained when needed. Collies remain in foster care for anywhere between 3 weeks and several months depending on adopter availability, our evaluation of their behavior, and the needs of the collie.

Transportation volunteers assist in bringing surrendered collies to their foster homes and help us relocate collies from foster care to their forever homes. We are very grateful to our transportation volunteers who drive collies to their new homes all over New England and eastern New York.

Home visit volunteers play an important role in determining the lifestyles and personalities of our applicants, which allows us to pair them with just the right collie companion.

Event volunteers assist at Collie Rescue League of NE booths at various events throughout New England and eastern New York.  Our volunteers help educate visitors to our booth about our rescue and the collie breed.

While most of our members are also volunteers, some of them join our organization simply to support our cause with membership fees – we greatly appreciate their help. Every member of our organization plays a part in contributing towards our success!

Please call us today at 1-800-296-3265 or email us at if you’re interested in learning more
about joining our volunteer team!