Open Your Home to a Collie in Need

Collie Rescue League of New England provides foster care for collies who find themselves at shelters or who are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them. Our foster care volunteers open their homes to surrendered collies and keep them for periods of time that can range anywhere from 3 weeks to several months depending on their particular needs and the availability of permanent homes.

Foster volunteers are the backbone of our rescue organization. These collie custodians live all over New England and eastern New York and work professionally as everything from lawyers to longshoremen. One thing they have in common? Big hearts!

These volunteers serve a noble, gratifying cause. Their reward is the knowledge that they were there for a collie at the most vulnerable point in its life. And when they have to say goodbye, while it is difficult, they can rest assured the collie is about to start a wonderful life with a new family.

Every collie in our foster care is vetted, professionally groomed, and evaluated for habits, likes, and dislikes. CRLNE pays for the care of each collie living with foster volunteers.

Please consider opening your home and heart so you can make a difference in a collie’s life as well as the lives of their new forever family.

Please contact us at 1-800-296-3265 or email at if you are interested in joining our foster team! 


“I had adopted two collies from CRLNE. I paid my dues and enjoyed the Newsletters and the Annual Picnic. I thought that was all I needed to do to support the League. Then at one Picnic, Diane Mancini, the President, spoke about how there would be no CRLNE without the foster homes. We couldn't take in needy collies and we wouldn't have any collies for eager adopters. I got it.

I went to Diane and said that I didn't know how to do it, I didn't think I could do it, but I would try. She promised that the League would coach me through whenever I needed it. Soon the League sent me my first foster. Diane was as good as her word. She took every phone call, answered all my questions and reassured me that many things I was concerned about were to be expected during the fostering process. And, of course, I fell a little bit in love with "Winston."

But when he jumped into the car of his forever family without a backward glance, I cried a little and knew I had done my job. I've been fostering ever since.”

- Marjorie, Collie Foster Mom

"Fostering for CRLNE is exciting, fun, hard work and so worth every hour of effort. I have fostered twelve collies. Each was a mystery. People often ask, "How can you stand to let them go?" CRLNE has offered these dogs outstanding new homes in which they will be safe and cherished. How can I not be happy they are moving forward? Each adoption meant I could help another collie.”

- Janet, Collie Foster Mom

“We foster because we can. We foster for the experience of seeing an animal become whole. We foster for the adventure that happens even though it takes place in our home. We foster for the unconditional love that is given from both sides, and the happiness and heartbreak that comes with it."

- Carolynn, Collie Foster Mom

“My husband and I will never forget fostering Rusty. He was an amazing dog. There'll never be another like him. We had him from Labor day to Super Bowl weekend. He hit the doggie lottery. We couldn't be happier for him. He lives in an amazing place with wonderful people and two collie siblings. He couldn't have found a better home. Although it was heartbreaking to see him go it was worth it in the end. The people who adopted him still stay in contact with us and every time we hear from them, it makes us happy”

- Gail, Collie Foster Mom