If you are interested in adopting a collie, go to our adoption information page to download an application. (Click on "Adopt" then "Adoption" in the dropdown box above). Or call us at 800-296-3265 and we will mail or email an application to you.


Freya is a 2 and 1/2-year-old white factored tri-color collie. Freya is 52 pounds and is crate- and house- trained. Freya is spayed and is current on all her vaccinations. Her foster mom tells us that an adult household would be best for her. Freya has made tremendous progress in foster care however, she requires a special adopter. Freya would like to be adopted by someone who is patient and has experience with shy, anxious collies and has a quiet home. Freya has learned the joy of barking with her foster sisters! She has not shown any interest in small animals or cats. Freya knows some verbal and hand commands. Freya does require a fence. It would also be great if Freya was with another confident dog to show her the ropes.





Collie Rescue League of New England and New York would like you to join us in welcoming Sunny. Sunny is a 6-year-old female smooth sable collie. "Sunny Bunny," as her foster mom calls her, has completed heart worm treatment successfully. Sunny is up to date on all her vaccines and is micro chipped. Not that she wants us to disclose her weight but she is a slim and trim 51 pounds. Sunny is crate trained and housebroken. She would do best in a quiet house as she is startled easily by loud noises. Sunny is a sweet happy collie that loves toys, other dogs and cats! A female adopter might be best for this beautiful collie. Sunny likes to go for leash walks and will need a fenced yard.


Bella, is a “bellissima” 4- or 5-year-old female smooth sable collie, and is ready to find her new home. She is current on all her vaccines, is spayed, and has been treated for heart worm. Bella loves to be outdoors playing with other dogs. Her foster mom tells us that she is a timid collie but very lovable. Bella will need a quiet home as strange noises frighten her. Bella is wary of strangers, especially men. Bella is crate trained and is housebroken. Bella needs a fenced yard.


Henry is a very handsome smooth male collie with a personality to match his good looks. His foster mom says he is quite the charmer and is an absolute "Love Bug”! Henry is a 5-year-old smooth sable collie who is housetrained, good on a leash, and is crate trained too. Henry loves toys, especially the ones with a squeaker in them! Henry just loves to be close to his people. He does a few stairs but is capable of learning to do a full flight. Henry is good with children and cats. Sudden sounds startle him, so a quieter home will be best. Henry loves marrow bones and peanut butter. He is current on all his vaccines, neutered, and will be groomed before adoption. He does require a fenced yard.


Rex is an approximately 2-year-old male smooth collie and weighs 58 pounds. He is current on all his vaccines and has completed heart worm treatment. Rex will be ready for his new home mid-summer. Rex is good with cats and other dogs as well as children. He is being exposed to new sounds like the vacuum, the blender etc. However, it might be best if Rex had a quiet home to help him to adjust to indoor living. Rex will need a fenced yard. He is overcoming his fear of men. Rex could benefit from obedience training to help build his confidence. His foster mom says he "never misses his bedtime biscuit!" Rex also loves a good marrow bone to chew on! He is extremely food motivated, which will help in his training.


Reggie is a 42 pound, approximately 5-year-old male blue merle smooth collie. Reggie is current on all his vaccines, he has been successfully treated for heart worm, and has been neutered. Reggie loves toys and cats. Reggie is very eager to please and is learning about the benefit of treats. Reggie will require a fenced yard. 


Whisper is a 47-pound 4-year-old blue merle smooth female collie. She will be ready for her new home midsummer. She is current on all her vaccines, has been groomed, and has been treated for heart worm. Whisper loves toys and going for leash walks. She requires a fenced yard. Whisper's foster mom tells us that a quiet home with another dog would be best for her. Whisper is good with cats and with children. Whisper is housebroken and is crate trained.



Archie is a 46-pound, approximately 2-year-old smooth male sable collie. He is current on all his vaccines, has been successfully treated for heart worm, and has been neutered. Archie loves to play with toys, did someone say wubba? Archie is crate trained and housebroken. Living indoors is new to Archie so some sounds may frighten him. Archie will require a fenced yard. Archie likes cats and other dogs. He will require a patient adopter who can help him to overcome his anxiety.








Jackson is a 62-lb 18-month-old sable rough collie who is crate- and house-trained. He weighs 62 pounds, is current on all his vaccines, and has been neutered. His foster mom tells us that he loves to play and run when he is not busy kitten-sitting. Jackson is looking for a quiet home with a fenced yard, as he is extremely fearful of traffic. Jackson is not a good car traveler but he could overcome that with his new adopter. He does enjoy the company of children and loves cats and kittens. Jackson would benefit from having a confident calm collie in the house to show him how to live the life of a collie!


Please call us today at 1-800-296-3265 or email us at CRLNEApplications@gmail.com if you’re interested in learning more about our application process.