The first step in the adoption process is to download, print, and fill out our adoption application.

Not all our available collies are posted on online.  If you are interested in adopting we recommend that you send in your application so when a collie becomes available that is a potential match, your application process is already complete.  If we don’t have a collie that matches a qualified adopter’s lifestyle, we can keep your application on file for future consideration. 

Meet Fergus and Finnegan. These two 10 year old bonded sables have personalities as beautiful as this picture! These big beauties are great with children! They both enjoy trying to herd those four wheeled "sheep" so a fenced yard is required. 

If you think you might enjoy the pleasures of adopting a pair of senior Collies please complete our adoption application or give us a call at 800-296-3265.
Thank you for your interest in Fergus, Finnegan and CRLNE.

Fergus & Finnegan


#*"Bo-ing!"*#     # "Zoom!"#     *#@ "Bo-ing"#*

Robin: "Holy Leap'n Collies Batman!"    Batman: "Was that a Lippizaner or a Collie, Robin?"

Yes, Collie Rescue League of New England and New York would like to introduce to you a very agile energetic sable Collie named "Rocky". As you may have guessed Rocky can leap straight up 3+ feet into the air! While we are not encouraging this behavior it sure is amazing to see! More on this later!!

️Rocky is 65 pounds and stands 26" at the shoulder and 30" at the head  (yep, he is a tall drink of water!). Rocky is an 8 month old,  unneutered, sable male. As with all puppies, we would expect him to be neutered at a later date. He has been to the vet and all his vaccines are current, he is microchipped and will be groomed prior to adoption. Rocky is a very energetic and strong pup. He is good with children and other animals. Rocky is very good on a leash, is crate trained and is allowed to run with his foster pack. He needs to exercise and currently walks/runs an average of 5 miles per day. He has many of the basic commands mastered. Our foster home tells us that he is one  very smart Collie (possibly the smartest Collie they have fostered). An active family might be best for him as he loves to be with his people. With all this energy and speed Rocky does need a fence. ️

️So, with his energy, agility and his intelligence he could be an excellent candidate for agility or some other performance training. Rocky is a Collie that needs to work! He is all puppy but, he needs to be mentally stimulated to keep him from getting into mischief. ️

If you think you have the right home for this beautiful Collie please submit an application available for download at or by  calling 800-296-3265.
Thank you for your interest in Rocky and your continued support of Collie Rescue League of New England and New York.